We know that falls prevention is one of the main reasons people have live-in care; and we know that elderly people are extremely vulnerable to falls, and to the injury that often follows a fall.

Therefore all of our live-in carers and all of the people we recruit to do a live-in care job have good falls prevention training.

Falls prevention has formed a part of our live-in carer training for years. But we are not complacent, we know that we must never rest on our laurels. This is why last week we had Anita Walkinshaw from Suffolk Falls Prevention team come to us to offer extra falls prevention training to our training team and some of our Local Area Advisors.

“It was really good and we all came away with more knowledge. We gained information on what to check for wear and tear with equipment (which is a cause of some falls) and learned more about hip fractures.

We were all impressed with the walking stick with a laser to help people who freeze due to Parkinson’s. Anita was very good and able to answer all our questions.”

Helen Drain, Dementia Trainer & Deputy Training Team Leader

Now our trainers have this update training, they are passing this onto our carers, who will then do their bit to make sure that our clients, the people who need live-in care in the first place, don’t suffer from a fall.

“The Live-In Care Hub’s Better At Home document now reports conclusively that live-in care clients experience a THIRD FEWER falls and JUST A QUARTER OF THE HIP FRACTURES of those in residential or nursing homes. ‘Live-in’ should be much better known. It doesn’t just make a massive difference to people’s lives; by keeping them safer it can also deliver massive cost savings to the NHS.”
Katherine Murphy, The Patients Association
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Anita is a highly experienced trainer and motivational speaker. She has worked in health and social care institutions in the UK and internationally for over 20 years. Her specialist areas are in personal development and falls prevention. She currently works as a Falls Prevention Co-ordinator. Her role includes working at both strategic and operational levels, and works in collaboration with many statutory and third sector organisations. Anita works very closely with the osteoporosis nurse specialists including working one day a week in the Fracture Liaison Service.