Here’s a letter we received from one of our carers, along with a little acronymic phrase they’ve created.


So, you think you want to become a carer! Great!!

What is prompting this idea? A pay cheque every week? Somewhere to live? Adventure? Or a genuine feeling of wanting to help the vulnerable people that need us?

Challenge yourself out of your comfort zone.

Patience and a natural empathy for others, especially those with physical or mental difficulties, is important and, coupled with the knowledge you receive from your training, gives you the confidence and the chance to make a client’s life happier and more comfortable (in most instances), which is what it’s all about! Not least of all you should be able to find humour and positivity in the worst of situations.

For the carer, it’s the satisfaction of seeing a smile on someone’s face; a simple ‘thank you’ from your client; another word added to the vocabulary of a stroke victim or an outing enjoyed by someone previously housebound. Small achievements, but things that can make you, the carer, feel good inside, knowing you are doing something right.

You won’t always feel like that. There are times when one despairs, when nothing you do for your client pleases them, and you long for bedtime, to relax and pray that tomorrow will be a better day. And knowing, if things really become too much for you, your back-up in the office is there to help you, day & night!

Being a carer is not just doing the housekeeping. It’s about sharing a life – giving dignity, respect, friendship  and assistance – helping a client realise a better quality of living and independence in THEIR home (always remember it is their home).

You are the invisible fairy that makes everything run smoothly … as much as you can do!







Fun & friendship



Yourself (be)





Listening & learning





A little insight for those thinking of becoming live-in carers.