We love it when our carers get in touch to let us know what being a live-in carer means to them. We recently received this letter from one of our live-in carers, Jerry Teare.


In 2011, after 30 years working at sea, a health problem dictated a change in career and WHAT a change it’s been. Everything I took for granted has well and truly been put into perspective.

During my 4 years as a live-in home carer for Christies Care I have been very lucky to meet and support some amazing clients. They all have different conditions and difficulties, all individuals, but all with the same desire, to be treated as equals.

Supporting my clients through the day gives me a great sense of satisfaction and there is no better feeling than seeing them happy and safe whatever situation has come their way. Yes, days as a carer can be difficult and the unexpected can happen, but I am always safe in the knowledge that support is only a call away.

There is no part of my role as a live-in carer that I dislike, although, loneliness can be an issue. But, as my son told me: “Dad get a smart phone”! Now I know why they’re called smart – just a couple of clicks and there he is.

Four years ago this was going to be just another job. Now it’s a PASSION!

I have had full support and quality training from everyone at Christies Care in Saxmundham, but those I owe the most to are my clients. They have made me a better person who will never take anything for granted again.

Jerry Teares


Wonderful sentiments Jerry. Live-in care truly is one of the most rewarding careers.